Born on the west coast, raised on the
east coast, and washed up here on the beautiful island of Manhattan.

I got into advertising because I wanted to be Lee Clow circa ‘90, surfing before work and wearing flip flops around the office.

turns out manhattan isn’t so much like manhattan beach, but I stay in advertising because self-loathing is fun. and even more fun in New York.

Now I love wearing flip flops around the city, wearing sunglasses in the subway so that I can’t see anything and miss my stop, and getting little beads of sweat on my upper lip when I walk to work.

I actually don’t really like any of those things. It’s called personal branding, people!

resume here so all those years of teaching swimming lessons don’t go to waste

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 2.42.25 PM.png

I’m also the kind of person that lets dogs lick my face it’s actually probably really unhealthy.